Manual wireless setup for IoT (Internet of Things)

This service is only available to Faculty, Staff, Students and Affiliates of the University of Nebraska with a valid Identity credentials. If you have not yet claimed your identity or need to change your password, please connect to guest WIFI and manage your account.

  1. From another device, connect to the NU-Connect wireless network and open a web browser. The web browser will redirect you to a webpage where you can select IoT Enrollment. This is used to register IoT devices so they can connect wirelessly to NU-Connect.

    visual instruction on signing in 

  2. Find the MAC address for your device and enter it on the page after logging in.

    visual instruction on providing MAC address 

  3. Shortly after your MAC address has been registered, you should be able to connect wirelessly to the NU-Connect SSID for internet access on campus.

Help Desk Contact Information

Kearney: 308-865-8363
Lincoln: 402-472-3970
Omaha: 402-554-4357
UNMC: 402-559-7700