Manual eduroam setup for Windows

This service is only available to Faculty, Staff, Students and Affiliates of the University of Nebraska with a valid Campus Identity. If you have not yet claimed your identity or need to change your password, please connect to guest WiFi and manage your account.

  1. On Windows, navigate to the bottom right of your desktop to view all WiFi networks that are in range, and select eduroam from the list of available networks.
  2. Windows will now prompt you to log in to the network. Use your Campus Identity to authenticate.
    Note: Your username must include the campus domain. Example: (,,,

    Eduroam Connecting Username and Password

  3. Accept the eduroam certificate and authenticate using your local Windows credentials, if prompted.

Click here if your device is requesting additional setup information.

If your device is unable to connect to eduroam wireless after following these instructions please try the Assisted Device Setup for Windows or contact your campus Help Desk.

Help Desk Contact Information

Kearney: 308-865-8363
Lincoln: 402-472-3970
Omaha: 402-554-4357
UNMC: 402-559-7700