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ITS Email Transition Questions

Online sessions: OneIT Email Transition Tips & Tricks

Join Ranelle for 30 minutes to learn the ins and outs of using your email versus your campus email. The pilot team found several things that will help you better utilize your accounts with minimal frustration. You are welcome to join online via Zoom and learn the tips and tricks to efficiently managing your email and calendar. You may also pick up a few new shortcuts in Outlook as well. No registration required, just join online on the date and time below.
5/29 @ 9am
5/30 @ 9am
6/4 @ 9am
6/5 @ 11am

OneIT Email Transition Open Office Hour

If you have questions about using or setting up your email and calendar, feel free to drop in anytime between 1-2 pm weekdays from May 29th through June 8th. Don’t spend your time becoming frustrated with trying to work out the kinks. The pilot team has already found many solutions and work-arounds to make the change easier. Ask Ranelle your questions and start becoming more efficient with your email and calendar.


Set Default Email Account: Windows

Visual on how to set default email account

  • From the File tab, click + Add Account.
  • Enter your email and TrueYou password.
  • Click Next and wait for confirmation the account was added successfully.
  • From the File tab, click Account Settings Account Settings
  • On the E-mail tab, select your account and then click Set as Default.
  • On the Data Files tab, select your calendar and then click Set as Default.

Set Default Email Account: Mac

From the Outlook menu, click Preferences and then click Accounts.

  • On the bottom left, click + and then click New Account
  • Enter your email and TrueYou password.
  • You'll receive confirmation the account was added successfully.
  • Select your account and then from Settings (gear), click Set as Default.

Use Email Account: Online

Go to and sign in with your account. You’ll be taken to the Nebraska login page. Use your TrueYou password to sign in.

Things to Setup

Your mailbox is reset to the defaults. You’ll need to reset the following if you made any customizations.

  • Signature block
  • Account Picture (must be done online)
  • Rules and Quick Steps
  • Add-ins (i.e. Find Time, Boomerang)
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Calendar Permissions

Managing Your Contacts & Calendars

  • Since the account is now the default, the address book and room calendars being used are for the Nebraska directory. When searching for contacts or looking for meeting rooms, you may need to change to the your campus directory.
  • When scheduling meetings (or managing meetings created prior to the change), you may need to book them from your campus account and invite your Nebraska account to the event. Outlook rooms will not authorize people outside the campus to book.
  • If you depend on people having access to view your calendar from your campus outside of ITS, you need to maintain your campus calendar as well. Most events can be copied between the calendars.


Mobile Apps


Outlook app

1. Open the Outlook app on your phone.
2. Tap Menu icon (☰) in the upper-left.
3. Tap the Settings icon (Gear) at the bottom-left.
4. Tap + ADD ACCOUNT >> Add an email account.
5. Enter your full @nebraska email address (e.g., then tap Continue.
6. Enter your TrueYou password and tap Sign In or Next.
Outlook may request permission to access your calendar, contacts, etc. Tap Yes or Allow.

Set Default Email Account
1. Tap Menu icon (☰) in the upper-left.
2. Tap the Settings icon (Gear) at the bottom-left.
3. Tap Default and select your @nebraska account for both the email and calendar.



apple icon

Outlook App-Add account
1. Open the Outlook app on your phone.
2. Tap Menu icon (☰) in the upper-left.
3. Tap the Settings icon (Gear) at the bottom-left.
4. Tap + ADD ACCOUNT >> Add an email account.
5. Enter your full @nebraska email address (e.g., then tap Continue.
6. Enter your TrueYou password and tap Sign In or Next.
Outlook may request permission to access your calendar, contacts, etc. Tap Yes or Allow.

Set Default Email Account in Outlook

1. Tap Menu icon (☰) in the upper-left.
2. Tap the Settings Gear icon at the bottom-left.
3. Tap Default and select your @nebraska account for both the email and calendar. 


Windows Phone

windows icon

Mail app for Windows 10
If you log on to Windows 10 using your MyUNL email, that account is added to the Mail and Calendar apps.
1. Open the Mail app by clicking the Windows Start menu and choosing Mail.
2. At the bottom of the left navigation pane, select Settings Gear icon, and then choose Manage Accounts.
3. Select Add account.
4. Select Exchange.
5. Enter your e-mail address (e.g. and password and tap Sign In.
5. Click Done.

(This list will be updated to reflect additional questions as they come up)


Will employees maintain two inboxes?

No, employees will be moving to a single email address.

Will email sent to my old campus address be forwarded to my new address?


Will my data be transferred for me?

All emails, including calendar events will be migrated to your new inbox. If you have any OneDrive data, you will need to migrate this once you have your account.

How do I access my email address?

Visit and log in.

What username and password will I use?

Use your email address and TrueYou account password to log in to your email account.

Are we to forward our current, or addresses, or is some other mechanism going to be employed?

Forwards and aliases will be set up and existing email will be migrated for users once the timeline has been finalized. There are no plans at this time to remove aliases.

Will all of our NetID’s/passwords still exist in our local active directory servers, be synced across all environments and will continue to function as is (htaccess auth, shib auth, php ldap auth, etc.) or is that all changing?

NetIDs and passwords will remain in campus ADs until a future date. The IAM Team has developed a strategic roadmap with a number of projects which relate to this. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to or Brett Bieber directly. Your feedback would be appreciated!

What about applications that use email addresses for access purposes?

Many services which reference our email addresses will need to be updated. We encourage users to reach out to those providers and update references once their new email is assigned.

Will users be able to choose a preferred email address?

ITS employees will choose between first initial, last - or first name.last -

How will conflicts be handled?

ITS does not have any email address conflicts. We've identified 135 NetID conflicts across the entire NU organization, but these users will not be required to change their NetID until a future date. Email addresses may be different than NetID. Many UNO integrations depend significantly on UNOC email address to derive NETID, in addition to NUID.

Here’s a short list:

  • University Address Book
  • UNOC email load to PS
  • Mailing lists (enotes, etc.)
  • Canvas/Blackboard
  • IDM-> UNO AD
  • Mavcard (including Lookup)

Will we be creating a new address type in PS (NEBR), or loading * addresses into UNOC, UNKC, UNMC, etc?

There are no plans to create a new address type. SAP Workflow has been a problem in the past with multiple identities. This will be a critical piece to watch when piloting/cutover We will be moving a small pilot group over ahead of the ITS and the other BRT conjoint employees.

AD Group assignments are NetID based. A lot of changes will need to be made if anyone’s NetID changes. This includes VPN AD group assignments.

The NetIDs inside campus ADs will remain as-is, and AD groups referencing the security identifiers (SIDs) will not be modified at this time. If services need to be made available to users from all NU campuses, converting to using the NUID as the identifier would be preferred. We are compiling a list of IT Services with potential impacts of changes and will be holding a meeting with as many Service Owners as possible to discuss the changes.


This morning, I am seeing emails on my iPhone Outlook that are not showing up on my Mac desktop client, on the Nebraska account or the old one?

Verify that the Outlook client is not set to work offline.

Will Inbox and sweep rules be migrated?

User must manually export/import rules

Will Signatures be migrated?

User must manually export/import rules

Does my Weather location migrated over?

The weather location defaults to Redmond, if you use this option, you will need to change it manually.

Does the Calendar auto-processing of events from email setting migration over?

No, the user will need to change this manually.

Does the Message header analyzer add-in transfer over?

No, the user will need to reinstall it manually, it is available in the Store.

When an email is sent to accounts, it adds the UNL email address to the TO field when using Reply-All. When sent to the @neb account directly, reply-all doesn't add anything additional?

No current fix available, this will be lessened as the campus Global Address Lists (GALs) are updated, though not remediated. Users will need to remove name manually.

The default address book (Global Address List for appears to be including the middle initial for many (but not all) contacts, making searching more complicated?

This is a known legacy issue, we are looking into option to fix this GAL setting.

One rule somehow came over as a quick step, but none of my other quick steps transferred?

User will need to manually transfer quick steps

I'm unable to add or receive external calendar permissions with a campus email account, (i.e. user's calendar could not be shared with me and I could not share my calendar to user)?

We are working on adjusting tenant settings. This is a known issue when working between tenants.

Why I am seeing duplicate emails in my inbox?

Multiple syncs from old mailbox created duplicate items in new mailbox - We've adjusted sync settings, so that should no longer be an issue. Duplicate items can be deleted.

My access to others calendars and rooms for scheduling meetings is disrupted or is missing?

This is a known issue if these items are staying on the local campus as the user will need to maintain their campus account in Outlook for access to campus resources.

Rules can be exported and imported; though users will need to manually change destination folder of each rule after import and resetup text alerts if keeping both accounts on full client

My shared calendars disappeared, how do I get them back?

Users will need to reestablish shares if calendars have moved (are internal to ITS, your group, or your team); if they are staying on the local campus, then the user will need to maintain their campus account in Outlook for this access as these cannot be moved.

I refer people to view my calendar all the time to schedule time with me. Campus users will only see this calendar as they search for me in the address book. I must duplicate all appts on both calendars. This includes when I accept meeting invites.

This will get remediated as the SAP changes are processed, however it is important to ask people to use your calendar stored with your address as your campus calendar can still be seen if your old account is referenced.

I Had to reset calendar permissions and conditional formatting rules, however my categories came over just fine?

These items do not transfer, user will need to redo these items manually.

I am getting double reminders for both @neb and campus calendars.

Users will need to manually take reminders off their campus calendar.

Outlook Mobile:

Will my focused inbox setting automatically migrate to my account?

No, all Users must the setting change manually.

I am also getting two emails on the phone, I assume this is the old forwarded account and the new nebraska one?

Users can still receive email at old address, but all email will automatically be forwarded.

Outlook Web Access:

Will Text messaging option be migrated?

User must manually recreate.

Will my Calendar keep publishing to the web?

User will need to republish.

Will my existing email Signature be migrated?

No, users will need to manually recreate signatures.

What is Focused inbox and do I need to reconfigure it?

We have changed the default to off. If you are getting prompted for it, according to Microsoft, Focused Inbox helps you focus on the emails that matter most to you. It separates your inbox into two tabs—Focused and Other. Your most important emails are on the Focused tab while the rest remain easily accessible—but out of the way—on the Other tab.

What is the new Outlook Web Access (OWA) address url?

The new url to access OWA is for all of o365.

Will the account profile picture be migrated?

User must upload new picture manually.

Outlook, Outlook Mobile, Outlook Web Access:

Will automatic reply text be migrated to my account?

No, the User must recreate the reply text manually

I tried to cancel a calendar invite created before the change, but it was returned to me as undeliverable or as denied. I had to open my campus calendar to cancel meeting/room?

This is a known issue, we recommend reestablishing recurring appointments on your @neb calendar and changing the recurring appointment on you campus calendar to end on migration date.

My delegations rights didn't transfer?

Users will need to manually reestablish delegations.

Some messages and calendar invites during the account transition didn't get delivered. - Known issue during migration, this has been cleared up with sync processes.

I Can't use @neb to schedule/manage rooms for meetings (@neb rooms are different then campus room in the address book). Do I have to use campus account and invite @neb so it's on both calendars?

ITS rooms will be migrated over; for campus shared rooms, this is a known issue if these items as the user will need to maintain their campus account in Outlook for access to campus resources.

Note: we are looking into other options, such as the possibility of migrating into EMS.


I use Microsoft Teams, does the guest feature and my guest users transfer over?

The guest feature is available on all tenants. New guest users, those addresses outside of the tenant, will have to be added as guests, old guests will need to be readded manually.

I'm still being signed into Teams via my campus account?

Users will need to sign-out and login to the @neb instance. Note that if you are a member of a Teams group in another tenant, you will need to be switched to the invited Guest account otherwise you will get prompted for a campus login, not the correct @neb sign-in page (MS is aware of the issue)

My Groups/chats/history/teams didn't move in Microsoft Team(s)?

These items will need to be rebuilt manually in Team. Documents can be moved over, chat history cannot be migrated at this time.

Skype for Business:

Skype for Business messages sent to campus accounts don't forward the email "missed conversation with" to the @neb accounts?

No current fix available. Recommend setting campus as off-line and notify saved or favorite contracts of new address.

Do I have to manually change my sign in for Skype for Business?

User must change their sign in manually to their new @neb account.

My Skype for Business Favorites, Users, and Groups didn't move?

Users will need to recreate these manually.

Office Desktop:

My history/profile didn't transfer in my Office desktop applications (Word, Excel, etc.) and my programs are still showing my old account?

User will need to change login manually however, history will not transfer over.


My Yammer groups and access didn’t transfer over?

Users will need to either reestablish groups and access or, in the case of campus connections, users may need to continue to use their campus account for this service.


Will my campus OneDrive files migrate to my account?

No, all OneDrive files will need to be transferred manually by the user. Our migration tools do not facilitate OneDrive file migration.


I currently am a user of the UNL Sharepoint instance-can I access it with my account credentials?

No, you need to use your UNL account to make changes to UNL SharePoint. This is a known issue, no current work-around exists, though further discussion is encouraged to understand the continued use case.


I am currently unable to change my NetID to match my current campus identity.

By design, a new default naming scheme has been defined by the ITS Senior Leadership Team in conjunction with the NETID working group.

I am a student who hasn’t graduated yet. For my school stuff I need to be associated with my campus and not This currently isn't an issue because I can send from both, however we don't have a timeline on how long I will be able to do this. I want to make sure that a consideration is made for people like me who are both students and staff.

Campus account will still exist for sending purposes.

Will we use our email credentials to access Box accounts?

Not at this time


Will we use addresses to access Canvas?

Users will have to add and authenticate your new address if you are trying to respond to messages


I am a listserve owner, will list owners be changed automatically?

Under investigation, currently the owner address will not change.

I am a member of a listserve, will my address change automatically?

Under investigation, currently member accounts will not change.


Will I be using DUO with my account?

Duo is not yet available for these accounts – IDM is working to activate Grouper and DUO for the @neb domain, though no official date has been set.

Educause login:

Is my access to EDUCAUSE changing?

Not at this time. Federated access to EDUCAUSE is based on the membership rosters for each campus.


My SAP Workflow requests are getting added to my campus account's calendar-will it be added to my calendar?

Yes, this issue has been remediated with the SAP changes that are being processed.


I'm unable to access UNEVAL with my campus account?

UNEVAL access will change to your @neb account as the SAP changes are processed and HR changes the login information with UNMC. Going forward, access will be with your @neb account, not you campus account. All saved information will stay intact.


Does our Zoom logins change from our campus accounts?

Under investigation, it is still currently tied to your campus account.

Computer AD:

Does my computer login account change as well?

Under investigation, though it is still currently tied to your campus account.


Does our login for Purchase Request System (PRS) change?

Access to the PRS system is still currently tied to campus account, though efforts are under way in this regard.


Does my favorites and history transfer over?

All history and favorites transfer over, however any in-process or draft shopping carts are not brought over. For these shopping carts, please be sure to close them out prior to the migration.

Microsoft Bookings:

Will Microsoft Bookings be available with my new address?

Microsoft Bookings is currently being evaluated as a service. It is not currently turned on in the tenant.

Please note:

For a list of other services that may be impacted by this change, see the Service Inventory list. Please provide feedback on any services not mentioned.