OneIT Initiative

ITS Email Transition Questions

(This list will be updated to reflect additional questions as they come up)

Will employees maintain two inboxes?
No, employees will be moving to a single email address.

Will email sent to my old campus address be forwarded to my new address?

Will my data be transferred for me?
All emails, including calendar events will be migrated to your new inbox. If you have any OneDrive data, you will need to migrate this once you have your account.

How do I access my email address?
Visit and log in.

What username and password will I use?
Use your email address and TrueYou account password to log in to your email account.

Are we to forward our current, or addresses, or is some other mechanism going to be employed?
Forwards and aliases will be set up and existing email will be migrated for users once the timeline has been finalized.  There are no plans at this time to remove aliases.

Will all of our NetID’s/passwords still exist in our local active directory servers, be synced across all environments and will continue to function as is (htaccess auth, shib auth, php ldap auth, etc.) or is that all changing?
NetIDs and passwords will remain in campus ADs until a future date. The IAM Team has developed a strategic roadmap with a number of projects which relate to this. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to or Brett Bieber directly. Your feedback would be appreciated!

What about applications that use email addresses for access purposes?
Many services which reference our email addresses will need to be updated. We encourage users to reach out to those providers and update references once their new email is assigned. 

Will users be able to choose a preferred email address?
At this time it is still being determined whether users will be assigned an address via a common naming convention or by user preference.

How will conflicts be handled?
ITS does not have any email address conflicts. We've identified 135 NetID conflicts across the entire NU organization, but these users will not be required to change their NetID until a future date.

Email addresses may be different than NetID.  Many UNO integrations depend significantly on UNOC email address to derive NETID, in addition to NUID.
Here’s a short list:

◦ University Address Book
◦ UNOC email load to PS
◦ Mailing lists (enotes, etc.)
◦ Canvas/Blackboard
◦ Mavcard (including Lookup)

Will we be creating a new address type in PS (NEBR), or loading * addresses into UNOC, UNKC, UNMC, etc?
There are no plans to create a new address type. SAP Workflow has been a problem in the past with multiple identities. This will be a critical piece to watch when piloting/cutover We will be moving a small pilot group over ahead of the ITS and the other BRT conjoint employees.

AD Group assignments are NetID based. A lot of changes will need to be made if anyone’s NetID changes. This includes VPN AD group assignments.
The NetIDs inside campus ADs will remain as-is, and AD groups referencing the security identifiers (SIDs) will not be modified at this time. If services need to be made available to users from all NU campuses, converting to using the NUID as the identifier would be preferred. We are compiling a list of IT Services with potential impacts of changes and will be holding a meeting with as many Service Owners as possible to discuss the changes.

Please note:


For a list of other services that may be impacted by this change, see the Service Inventory list.  Please provide feedback on any services not mentioned.