OneIT Initiative

Contact and Feedback

Feedback always welcome

The OneIT teams have established a way to send feedback - anonymously if you so choose. You are encouraged to identify yourself because this may assist if clarification or additional information and follow up is needed, but it's not required.

There are also members from each campus on the Steering and Core Implementation Teams. Also, Service Teams have been established to provide detailed recommendations on how these services can be re-envisioned as we unify into one ITS division.

Service Teams

Security and Identity Management

Chair: Rick Haugerud (UNL/ES)
Vice Chair: Matt Morton (UNO)

Team Members

Andrea Childress (UNK)
Mike Rutt (UNL)
Cheryl O’Dell (UNL)
Chris Cashmere (ES)
Jeremy Childress (UNK)
Nick Glade (UNO)


Chair: Michael Ruhrdanz (UNL/ES)
Vice Chair: Andrew Buker (UNO)

Team Members

Brandon Hammond (UNK)
Brian Cox (UNK)
James Harr (UNO)
Greg Gray (UNL)
Kevin Murphy (UNL)

Client Services

Chair: Jaci Lindburg (UNO)
Vice Chair: Neil Wineman (UNL)

Team Members

Jane Petersen (UNK)
Bob Goeman (UNO)
Eric Haffey (UNL)

Strategic Sourcing

Chair: Rick Haugerud (UNL/ES)
Vice Chair: Amy Metzger (ES)

Team Members

Deb Schroeder (UNK)
Maggie Witt (UNL)
Andrew Buker (UNO)
Marcia Dority Baker (UNL)

Project Management

Chair: Kimberly Harper (UNL/ES)
Vice Chair: Pam McCoy (ES)

Team Members

Michael Perdunn (UNO)
Jane Petersen (UNK)
Shelley Witte (UNL)