Virtually Flawless

January 9, 2018

The OneIT initiative continues to present opportunities to look at ITS's current operations and solutions in a new light.

On November 30th, the newly unified ITS systems team chose not to renew an existing maintenance and support contract for Omaha’s storage appliance supporting the virtual server environment. Instead, the team consolidated operations and saved money by taking advantage of storage in the Lincoln data center.

“All campuses were using VMWare for their server virtualization environments,” said Andrew Buker, executive director for ITS infrastructure.  “Consolidating storage and environments seemed the most efficient way to not only save a considerable sum but also get a jumpstart on merging our operations and achieving greater efficiencies.”

After two weeks of review, planning, and preparing, the week of December 18 was selected to migrate the data and virtual servers over the network from Omaha to Lincoln.  Services were not taken offline during the migration and the hardware in Omaha is scheduled for decommission.  "It was a highly coordinated effort between our Systems, Network Engineering, Network Operations, and our Data Center Services team members," added Buker.

The Omaha campus currently utilizes approximately 300 virtual servers.  After the move, more than 95 percent of Omaha's are running in the consolidated VMware environment.

“It was all accomplished within three weeks, with no downtime,” Buker said. "We avoided approximately $78 thousand in annual maintenance expenses and have reinvested those funds into the consolidated environment."