IDM Registry Project

January 25, 2018

Information Technology Services, on November 26, replaced the digital repository that held and managed the identities of every person at the university and state colleges.

The original custom-built person registry generated an NUID for every applicant, student and employee, including University of Nebraska-Lincoln students dating back to 1986, approximately 1.2 million identities. The task of creating and managing those identities has been consolidated into SailPoint, the university's new identity management system.

The change allows ITS to eliminate a data store of sensitive information and more securely control access to identity information. While the switch instigated changes to applications interacting with the registry, including the applications for admissions and HR system, the process advanced without major issues.

"The transition went great," said Brett Bieber,  assistant director for the Office of Cybersecurity & Identity at the University of Nebraska. "The data migration and go-live went exactly as planned, even with the challenge of every application having to switch over at the same time."

Find more information on the Person Registry move to SailPoint and the consolidation of the IDM system please see the presentations linked below.

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