ITS At Nebraska

February 22, 2017

Information technology applies processing power to data, employing and exploiting ubiquitous capacity and access to analysis to deliver new solutions. The very nature of IT is a collaborative environment that builds bridges to share ideas and solve problems-bringing people together, whether they are halfway around the world or working side by side in the classroom or office.

Technology is not only transforming the University of Nebraska, it is also reshaping Information Technology Services. In July, 2016, President Hank Bounds appointed Mark Askren as Vice President and CIO for the university system. Since then, Askren reconfigured the central IT organization by uniting infrastructure and data center teams with the Lincoln campus, and at the same time, developed new strategic roles for IT.

This restructure will enable greater depth in technical resources, more consistency in support practices, and additional opportunities to grow skills and expertise. All of this will result in superior support to customers.

Below are but a few examples of some of the changes that have occurred or are in progress:

  • Development of a Strategic Sourcing Specialist position to assist the IT organizations with strategic IT procurement, contract negotiations and collaboration.
  • Combining of help desk support staff, processes and tools.
  • Combining of data center monitoring and management.
  • Consolidation of IT procurement and financial management activities and staff.
  • Integrating change control and notification processes.
  • Federating identities to provide authorized, secure access to role-based services across the university system.

ITS Enterprise Systems and Information Technology Services at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln are also working with the other University campus IT departments to collaborate on common solutions, tools and more efficient processes for the entire university to further reduce costs and improve services and support to the customers communities.